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To start with …


Smoked Guacamole

 Served with pico de gallo, sour cream, crispy tortillas & plantain


Lentil Taquitos

 Barbecue glaze lentil, sour cream, lime zest and crispy taquito


Mexican Ceviche

Seabream, red onion, cucumber, bruja dressing, roasted peanuts, cherry tomato, lime juice


Kale Salad

Marinated kale, spicy peach, caramelized walnuts, pickled ginger,

beetroot dressing, goat cheese crumble




Kunafa prawn taco

Shrimp, kunafa dough, roasted capsicum sauce, tartar sauce



      Fried dough stuffed with chicken, jalapeno, potato and eggs,

BBQ sauce, sour cream and chimichurri


Beef Tacos

Braised wagyu beef short ribs, BBQ glazed, sour cream,

crispy corn, fresh corn tortilla




 USDA Prime Beef Picanha Steak

48 hours marinated with Brazilian spices.


Charcoal Seabass

Marinated with Brazilian spices, criolla salsa.


Corn Esquito

Fresh corn, corn puree, goat cheese, crispy corn, spring onion,

red chili, jalapeno

Charcoal chicken

Marinate chicken thigh, spicy sour cream, chimichurri, 4 tortilla


Sweet Potatoes Fries & Mushroom ajillo








Chef’s selection

Prices are in Bahraini dinars and inclusive of 10% service charge, 5% government levy & 10% vat
Our menu is based on sharing concept, 1 of each dish between every 4 people

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